Real Name: Alec Brooke

Born: October 19th, 1988

Started Production: March 10th, 2004


"I've always been fascinated by music, even from an early age. I used to listen to my parents' cassettes when I was really young. Artists included Vivaldi, Jackson Browne, Sting, and Vangelis. I had a few music lessons in primary school on the piano/keyboard and trumpet.

But in terms of building my own independent musical interests, that didn't really happen until a bit later. I bought my first CD in 2001. It was a Michael Jackson extended mixes single. An old Australian import that somehow made it to a local HMV. A little later while at secondary school, I was introduced to Will Smith and Scooter and my tastes grew from there, eventually discovering the incredible Airbase.

In 2004, I bought Music 2000 for the PlayStation and had my first experience of electronic music creation. Soon after, I bought the PC version so I could properly save and export my tracks for listening away from the computer. And just a year later in the summer of 2005, I purchased a copy of FL Studio 5. Despite dabbling in other audio workstations such as Logic and Reason, FL has been my mainstay for over a decade."

"My main style will always be House, as it's the type of music I've connected with the most. But I also enjoy creating in other styles when I can. These have included Trance, Techno, Latin, and Ambient. Back between 2005 & 07, I often made my tracks very similar. Nowadays, I like to make them sound different and stand out, and only reuse sounds if they're well suited to my ideas. I will often challenge myself to make them instantly recognisable as soon as they start playing.

My music has appeared on digital record labels, and has been used in the background for promotional and commentary videos, as well as fan videos on YouTube. I've studied Music Production as Level 2 & 3 BTEC diplomas, hosted my own local radio show, and performed live as a DJ in local bars."

House • Deep Trance

Uplifting Trance • Progressive Trance

Hard Trance • Euro Trance • Hardcore


ALECTRO (2007-2013)
Electro • Tech House
"Cyber City" started this one off as a Progressive Electro House track spanning several versions, eventually ending with "Rage Dub", a special remix of Yuzo Koshiro - Fighting In The Street, in 2013.

BLEC AROOKE (2010-2012)
Funk/Soul • Drum & Bass • Experimental/Tech
College projects birthed this alias, dealing in experimental genres and ones not commonly associated with me. The final project was a futuristic Funk remix of Christina Aguilera - Your Body.

CLOUDDRIFTER (2004-2013)
Chillout • Ambient • Orchestral
Starting off as a slow dance (or Ambient Italo House) project, evolving into atmospheric orchestral and ambient remixes, eventually ending with a remix of "Palace Of Twilgiht" from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

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